2020: Looking ahead

I thought about doing a post about 2019: a year in review, but realized I don’t want to sum up all my previous races and blog posts. I’d much rather focus on what I’m looking forward to this next year.

There are a few races I am already committed to because of backing out in 2019 and winning the lottery for 2020. That includes the Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon. (So does this mean WMM in my future???)

Since both are in the fall, I wanted to have something to work towards in the spring. I’ve decided to start training for the New Jersey Marathon, and as it gets closer I’ll finalize if I’m going to run it or not. In theory, I’m going to train as if I’m running, and then if I can get off of work I’ll sign up and run. In actuality, I’ll probably wait and then decide of course I’m going to take off work, and then get mad at myself I didn’t get early bird pricing.

Photo from Novo Nordisk NJ Marathon

In between, I hope to run a handful of half marathons and shorter distance races. I’d like to run the Madison Mini, since last year I missed my flight and ended up missing the race (maybe this year I can convince my brother to run with me since last year he bailed).

In addition to laying out my race calendar, I had decided to get a running coach. When training for my first half marathon I used a run coach and it really held me accountable for my training and that showed in the race. (It is also probably the only race I’ve ever fully been prepared for).

I went on the RRCA website and searched for coaches semi-local to me, so in addition to any virtual training, there would be an option for in-person training or group runs. While I’m used to running alone, having someone else there makes the miles fly by. I found an awesome trainer and I’m super excited to start working with her, but I’ll write all about that once we actually get started.

Now to put some big goals out into the universe: goal times and races.

I would like to PR my half AND full marathon in 2020. My first half marathon was my fastest, but I have a feeling with real commitment and training that I’ll be able to match or beat that this year. For the full, I have no doubt I’ll be able to continue shaving off time as I continue to get used to the distance.

Berlin and New York are only a few weeks apart from one another. I’d like to finish both with a decent time AND feeling good. I don’t want to kill Berlin and then die during NYC. I want both races to feel like a fun, enjoyable long run. Plus, if I want to eventually run 7 marathons in 7 days, I should be able to run 2 in 5 weeks.


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