This past weekend I ran the NYRR Mini 10K. This is a women’s only 10k race through Central Park. It was founded in 1972 as the world’s original women-only road race and continues to “[empower] women of all ages and fitness levels to come together, be active and accomplish a running milestone alongside some of the greatest runners in the world.” This race is in conjunction with the USATF Women’s 10K Championship, which was won this year by Sara Hall.

NYRR Mini 10K Start

I had only signed up for the race about two weeks ago but I was eager to run my first race in NYC and my first women’s only race. Neither disappointed.

Since I wasn’t able to pick up my Bib during the week leading up to the race, I had to pick it up the morning of. I was pretty nervous about making my way to Central Park, finding the pickup line, and then having to walk to the start. The NYRR website recommended getting there 45-60 minutes prior to the start if you need to pick up your bib. This turned out to be MORE than enough time. And if you wanted the race shirt, you were able to pick it up AFTER the race so you didn’t need to bag check it or hold onto it during the race!

I took an uber to Naumburg Bandshell, where pick up was prior to the race. Pickup was quick and easy and there were stations set up for photos where you could have one of the photographers take a pic of you or have them take it on your phone, which I took full advantage of. I then made my way over to the start.

I got to the race with plenty of time. I arrived in Central Park at 7 and it didn’t start until 8. So there was plenty of time for photos prior to the race and time to walk over to the start. My wave didn’t get moving until around ~8:11 ish.

Prior to the race I had looked at the course and I thought the entire course was IN the park, but the first mile and a half is actually on the road bordering the park, and then you turn in and do a big loop through the entire park. The course was beautiful and had spectators as well as people just utilizing the park like every other Saturday. The path we were running on was split in half most of the way to allow anyone else to use it while we ran our race. There were people biking, running, and strolling along the course as well as spectators cheering runners on. There were plenty of volunteers around to keep the path organized and there were extras around intersections and any bends in the course for good measure.

The course had a few small hills but nothing that hindered my running/pace too much. There were mile markers and 5k/8k markers along the course, with 400m and 200m count down at the finish.

Once you crossed the finish line you recieved your medal and flowers! This was followed by tables with volunteers handing out pink bagels, pears, water, gatorade, and pretzels. You could then make your way back to Naumburg Bandshell where they had more photo ops going on, a meet and greet with some of the pros, water stations, live entertainment, medical, and a foam rolling station.


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