Running Streak Day 2: One of my most eventful runs in a while

Today started out with me not wanting to go for a run. AT ALL. At work my mind was made up, I felt like crap and didn’t want to run. The only thing keeping me motivated was that I couldn’t be a quitter on day 2 of my first run streak. Not day 2. So, I decided I would check out the park near work and just walk a mile and then go home.

I guess deep down I knew as long as I got outside I wouldn’t just walk but I still told myself I was going to until I got to the street. The park is about a half mile from my apartment so I decided I would walk there, walk for a mile, then walk back. As soon as I got to the street I started running. And I just didn’t stop.

That’s not why this run was so eventful. It wasn’t this magical, I didn’t want to run then I ran forever (I mean I didn’t and then ran 4.5 miles but that isn’t what I loved about this run)

Within the first .5 mile I almost swallowed a leave that the wind kicked up into my face.

About .25 miles later a bug flew into my mouth.

Those were both firsts for me. The rest of the run was bug and leaf free but about .25 miles after that, my head phones died.

DESPITE ALL THAT, I KEPT GOING. And I’m so glad I did!!! The trail went by a golf course and then up and down a bunch of hills and a few streams. Its one I’ll definitely be going back to again and again. It was also nice because there were a bunch of different branch-off trails you could take to change up your course.

OH! Apparently, when I run hills, I run faster. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???


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