Next Race: Run The Hook

I am finally getting a more regular schedule with work which means I can sign up for races without the anxiety of not being able to run them come race day!

This was a huge issue for me because I like structure and want to sign up for races but didn’t want to spend the money if a week before I’d find out I have to work instead.

Fortunately, I was able to sign up last minute (<12 hours before) for the Capt Zinn 5k I ran last week. It was so much fun and made me remember (not that I really forgot) how much I love running an official race, not just a trail run by myself.

A few weeks ago, my friend invited me to sign up and run a 10k with her and I was hesitant because of work and not knowing if I’d even be able to do it. I signed up for their email notifications to keep it on my radar and when I got an email that they were 80% full, I caved and signed up.

Now that I have my work schedule, I’m so glad I did this because not only will I be able to do the race with her, but I can now sign up for so many more!!

Ideally I’d like to be local. The 10k we’re doing is Run The Hook in Sandy Hook, NJ. But after we did the Capt Zinn 5k last week, we talked about doing one 5k a month, so I’ve been looking into other local races we can sign up for.

Do you know of any fun 5k’s in May? June? Any later in the season that we should keep an eye out?


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