Why I’m running the MCM again this year

Today, the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon Lottery results were sent out. Runners found out if they gained entry into one of the largest marathons in the United States. I ran the MCM last year, as my first marathon, and it was amazing. I loved every second of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggled.

The whole time I was running I was taking in all the views, the crowds, and the energy the whole event gave off. I typically need to run with a podcast or audiobook on to distract me and get me through the miles but I ran the entire 26.2 without putting in my head phones.

It was so amazing, I promised myself, before I even finished the race, that I would do it again.

In honor of getting into the 2019 race, here’s a recap of my 2018 race:

Jumping right into the race, I was hoping to run with one of the pace groups. Unfortunately, the pacers started at the end of the corral in front of us, even though out corral started at the 4:30 marker. While I was a little disappointed, I was still eager for the rest of my run.

I thought it was hysterical that I lost the pacers right away.

I knew it was coming but I clearly still didn’t enjoy the uphill running!

I was behind these two for a little while. It was so inspiring seeing them run and gave me all the feels!

Are you one of those people that count down when running? Instead of focusing on how much I’ve accomplished, I tend to concentrate on what’s left.

Half way there! Starting to feel the miles take a toll

One of the things I hate about solo races is not having a friend to talk/joke with during the course of the race. I clearly could have used some motivation here!

The only thing I cared about was passing the gauntlets + beating the bridge.

As happy as I was at that moment, I wasn’t done yet!

The next 6 miles were the hardest for me!

The final push!

And finally the sprint finish!!


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