Picking your races

I’ll start this by clarifying how new this all still is to me. While I now have 3 half’s and 1 marathon under my belt, getting to that point was pretty chaotic.

Once I first read about the World Marathon Challenge, I was bit by the running bug HARD. I wanted to do it right then and there. This is what prompted me to sign up for my *first* half marathon by my parents home. I started running and found the Rhinebeck Half and Full Marathon.

Initially, I wanted to do the full but lets be real, I wasn’t ready. So I started training and then realized I might be in Hawaii during the Hapalua Half. And while it was a month earlier than the Rhinebeck Half, I knew I wanted to do it.

So, the day before (we weren’t sure if we were leaving Hawaii on Sunday or Monday), we finally confirmed we’d still be in Hawaii for the race and I signed up at the expo. I felt ready, but honestly I probably could have used another week or two preparing.

After the race I didn’t run as much/continue to train and I got home and was still signed up for the Rhinebeck Half. I ran it, but I was not nearly as ready as I should have been. AGAIN. As was the case with the MCM and Norfolk Half. Both I signed up last minute and started training way too late/little at all.

I’ve found that I keep looking into races and thinking “that’s so far away I definitely want to run that” and then when I start working up a training plan i realize 1. I should’ve started training a while ago for it or 2. I could jump into the training cycle where i’m at and *fingers crossed* its okay.

I need to plan better.

I’ve started finding races I’m interested in, putting them in my calendar and seeing if I could feasibly train for it. At this point, I have a ton of half marathons i’m interested in running this Spring. I’d even love to run the NJ Marathon. But honestly, I need to find a race far enough away to give myself a real chance to train and build up my endurance. I told myself after my last half in the fall that I would take some time to relax and focus on myself before thinking about my next race, but patience is NOT my strong suit.

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