How I Get Through My Treadmill Runs

Let’s be real, I’m avoiding the treadmill at all costs, but sometimes you just have to deal with it. One of my least favorite things about running is the treadmill. Honestly, “least favorite” is being generous. I barely even like it.

Running on the treadmill is draining. I find it so repetitive and boring. Which is confusing since I was able to run the same 0.7-mile loop at work for 8 miles, but I’ll still struggle to run 1 mile on a treadmill while watching Netflix on my phone. Seriously, that’s all I could do this morning before giving up.

Last week I did 4 miles on the treadmill and I was so proud and happy I wanted to tell EVERYONE. As if I had just finished a half marathon. I felt so accomplished. It blows my mind when my friend was training for her half or people on Instagram and they’re talking about running/training on the treadmill. HOW??? TEACH ME???

I think a huge factor is willpower, which I lack when it comes to the treadmill (one day I’ll learn)

In the meantime, I try to trick myself into thinking I’m not bored.

This consists of 2 different distractions:

1. Mental

2. Physical

To keep my mind occupied, I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or watch something on Netflix. I tend to listen to audiobooks when I’m running because it keeps me focused on that instead of the mileage. When I listen to music, all I’m thinking at the end of the song is “that was probably only 3 minutes/0.3 miles” which is SO BAD. So instead, I like to listen to audiobooks. Podcasts are even better because they tend to be longer (compared to chapters in a book) and a lot more engaging since its a conversation, not just someone reading you a story. Finally, Netflix is a great one for a more visual distraction, since I’m not getting that like I would on a typical run. It’s something for my eyes to focus on instead of the slow clock of the time elapsed or the slow increase of the distance.

Physically, it helps me to do intervals or add in sort of variation to my run on the treadmill to help kill the time. Nothing is worse than a steady pace with no change. When there’s variation, that’s when I find myself lasting longer on the treadmill.

For example:

Warmup: 1 mile

Tempo 1: 1 mile

Recovery: 0.5 mile

Tempo 2: 1 mile

Warm down 0.5 mile

Last time I ran this it was a rough start because of the warm-up and tempo 1 being a mile each, so those first 2 miles seemed like FOREVER. But the second 2 flew by… because you’re switching up your speed, its keeping your stimulated and on your toes!

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