2018 Marine Corps Marathon

A last minute bib transfer got me a spot in the 2018 MARINE CORPS MARATHON!!! My FIRST marathon ever!!!

This is the race that first got my heart set of running a marathon years ago, and then I continued to push it off. So I knew given the opportunity I had to run it.

While I was really behind on training and not at all ready. I booked everything and traveled to D.C. for the amazing race…and it was surprising.

I knew going into the race that I was not as prepared as I should be but remained relatively calm and collected. When I got to the start I wasn’t scared, but I also definitely thought, “I really don’t need to do this,” but the race started and off I was.

The first half of it felt good, and since I did 2 other half marathons in the spring (my first and second ever!) I knew that would be the “easy” part..

I usually run listening to audiobooks or podcasts but at the start I chose to wait to listen to those and first just enjoy and embrace my surroundings. I ended up going the entire race without audio !!! (I can usually barely go a mile without being too bored but the course was just amazing and the spectators were great!)

As everyone says, the first few miles are hilly, so I knew to expect that and take it easy, which I felt like I was doing.

I started to lose momentum between 17-20 and when I beat the bridge I hit a wall and was mentally checked out. Now that I didn’t have to worry about any time constraint, I stopped pushing myself.

I picked it back up (slowly) the last few miles and managed to race up the steep finish and cross the finish line. Much later than I hoped and thought I would.


Afterwards I hated everything around me because once you stop, EVERYTHING HURTS. When I was traveling home I called my parents and siblings and told them how I couldn’t move and everything hurt and “I’M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN”. How could they not warn me how painful it was???

By Tuesday I was looking up when to do my next marathon đŸ™‚

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