New "kicks"

Since I started this journey, I knew I needed new sneakers. My current ones were 5 year old generic Nike’s that needed to be replaced. They were great, they looked great, and I will still continue to use them one in a while, but I needed an upgrade.

When my brothers ran track, my mom always took them to this little running store a couple towns over. So thats where I went.

I walked in and was super happy we were the only people in the store since I was nervous (why?)!

The owner was amazingly helpful, immediately telling me what types of shoes I need (more focused on stability/support) and why (I have a bunion). She watched me walk around and jog on the treadmill and then started pulling boxes of shoes out for me to try.

I after about 6 or 7 different pairs, we started eliminating options. Slowly we were down to the final two, so I ran on the treadmill in each, then finally settled on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14.

I love the snug feeling and all the support I feel from them. It is like night and day wearing the right sneaker compared to going to a generic store and getting the basic “cute” shoe.

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