Fitness trackers


A few weeks ago runners world posted a question in their weekly newsletter, asking if their readers would rather give up their phone or Garmin/fitness tracker. The responses were mixed.

Some said neither, some said both, some picked their phone, some picked their tracker. While all arguments for their decision were valid, for me it prompted the discussion about fitness trackers and running.

Similar to the timeless question, if a tree falls in the Forrest does it still make a sound…if you run without tracking it did you really do it?

I know I’m guilty of this, if I run and don’t track it, I end up feeling like it was a waste of a run. Even before I started training. I would set out to run a specific distance so I’d used my watch or phone to track it. I was never one of those people who would just start running and it didn’t matter how far or how long they went, they just did it until they felt like stopping. For me, if I started a run like that, I know wouldn’t get any mileage in.

I also like the added feature of knowing my current and average pace. Usually, when I run, I start slow and speed up the longer I’m running. I almost always run with negative splits. Something about knowing I’m getting closer to the end of it, I know I can push myself harder to the finish. Knowing my splits helps me with that. If I didn’t have something tracking my times, I know I’d be running a much slower pace and not challenging myself.


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