Signing up for my first half—TAKE 2

Last week I signed up for the Rhinebeck Half Marathon, ready to run my 1st half when I get home from work. 

Yesterday, after finding out that I would, in fact, STILL be in Hawaii for the weekend, I signed up for the Hapalua Half Marathon in Honolulu…for today.

I had been eyeing this race for the past 2 weeks but everything was looking like the ship would be leaving Hawaii JUST before the race. Then yesterday it was confirmed we’d still be here, and I went to the race expo and signed up.


Then this morning I hated myself for having to wake up so early!!! The race started at 6am, and thank god because the heat and humidity was UNREAL. The weather said it would rain today, and luckily it didn’t, but also.. thank god the sun wasn’t out. 

Running the half was amazing. The first 6/7 miles felt great, I even kept catching myself running too fast and needing to slow down because I was scared I’d burn myself out at the end. Then the uphill around Diamond Head crater was rough, and the last 5k felt like it would never end. But i ended up finishing UNDER 2 HOURS!!! Which was one of my goals for this!!! I was really hoping to run a sub 2 hour half, but went in telling myself it was fine if I didn’t, as it was my first race, and greatest distance so far. 


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