Running at work

Since I work in the merchant marine, when I go to work, it’s not the typical 9-5. I am living on the ship for an extended period of time, so my training is limited to what I can do onboard.

Lucky for me, we don’t have a treadmill… :/

Since the ship is almost a thousand feet long, when we don’t have cargo I can run the decks and not get too bored. When we do have cargo.. i’m limited to one portion of the ship where I’m running .17 mile loops…yay (not)

What helps me pass the time is listening to audiobooks or podcasts. I really got into listening to audiobooks while running last year. I decided that I was so young when I first read Harry Potter (yes I’m a huge Harry Potter fan) that I barely even remember the first few books.

So I hopped onto my mom’s audible account and used her credits to download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Thanks mom!

Then I told myself.. you can only listen to them when you’re running. And it was horrible in the best way. It made me look forward to my runs and kept me running longer because I didn’t want to have to stop. The best part was I wouldn’t be paying attention to how much I ran, I’d run for a chapter then stop when it ended and realize I had just ran 4.5 miles. Easy.

More recently at work, a shipmate mentioned he listens to podcasts and since spofity started streaming them, I started listening. It’s just the easiest way to take your mind off the fact that you’re running and concentrate on something else. There are so many different kinds that I can just pick and choose what I’m in the mood for, without the commitment of a book.

One thing that always bothered me after a run was when I’d think, “theres no way I can keep running” and so I’d stop. And then a little while later I’d be thinking how that wasn’t even hard and I could’ve kept going. Physically running is the easy part. It’s your mentality that makes it hard. You stop because you think, there’s no way I can keep going, but there is. And you can.

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