Step One: Find a trainer

Because I have no idea what I’m doing πŸ™…

I had sent the article I had read about the world marathon challenge to some family and friends but of course, they ignored me and didn’t read it. (thanks, guys!!)

Actually, that was good because I wanted to look into it more and have a plan before I told ANYONE I was seriously thinking about DOING it. First thing I did was google EVERYTHING I could about training for it, but since so few people have completed the challenge, and it is relatively new, that was difficult.

I came across 2018 WMC runner Jonathan Terrell’s site, Take the Risk, where he talks about his training and mission of raising $1 million for Children’s National to upgrade the hospital’s inpatient mental health unit (because he’s amazing).

Jonathan told me about his training and his journey and then pointed me towards TrainingPeaks, which is pretty much a matchmaking site for athletes and trainers. I signed up and the next day was on the phone with Andrew, talking about my goals and my current running status (I am so sorry Andrew, but more on that later). And we had decided to officially start training March 1st😲

(*Internally freaking out at what I’m doing but I can’t stop myself from doing it*)

SO…within a week of finding out about the WMC, I had decided I would do it…found myself a trainer…and still hadn’t told anyone I was really going to do it… Hi Mom !

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